Resources I recommend

Here is a list of courses, tutorials, and other resources I would recommend for anyone looking to improve their data science and analytics skills!

SQL resources
Mode Analytics “The SQL Tutorial for Data Analysis.” I went through a lot of videos, books, classes, etc. to try and learn SQL before discovering this one. I highly recommend this tutorial for anyone looking to learn SQL for data science and analytics.

Programming resources
Mode Analytics Python Tutorial. This is a fantastic tutorial to learn Python for business analysis using real-world data.
First Python Notebook. This is an incredibly well-organized step-by-step guide on analyzing data with Python and the Jupyter Notebook.

Analytics/critical thinking resources
Mode Analytics Training. Once you have a strong foundation in SQL, go through this tutorial. Oftentimes, aspiring data scientists seem to immediately jump to fancy machine learning or deep learning tutorials–and forget about learning the basics and honing their problem solving and critical thinking skills.