About me

I am a data scientist, a writer, a trail runner, and I’m madly in love with a 1991 Ford F-150 named Ponyboy.

I’ve worked on the Data Science and Analytics teams at TuneIn (an audio streaming service) and Sketchy (a visual education platform), and as an economics researcher at the University of California, Berkeley and a visiting researcher at the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. I also co-founded a digital marketing automation startup with my wife, called Remodel Social.

I currently write an absurd comedy newsletter called This is bullshit and so can you and a mental health newsletter called Psychology Onions.

You can contact me at peter(dot)scobas(at)gmail(dot)com, find me on LinkedIn, or check out my newsletters here. You can also watch me on my Netflix original series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

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