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chill, upbeat/offbeat group hikes around Phoenix, Arizona

rather paddle than hike? I also organize chill, upbeat/offbeat paddleboard adventures around Phoenix, Arizona ~
🏄‍♂️ Paddling with Pete 🏄‍♂️ - from the guys behind Hiking with Pete

👋 Hey, I'm Pete. If you're in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe area and itching for an adventure, give me a shout. I organize group hiking trips in the Superstition Wilderness (about 45 minutes east of metro Phoenix). I'm not a tour guide or some kind of professional hiking guide, I'm just a spindly, angsty little guy who likes to hike. Hiking with Pete isn't your great-grandmother's group hiking trip (with all due respect to your great-grandmother). HwP is all about chill vibes, good chat, and a bit of collective, whimsical self-loathing.

So who is Pete: contrary to what his FICO score suggests, Pete is an astute, dependable guy who works well under pressure (but not so well under deadlines). I don't know much about the desert flora or fauna, nor am I super confident I know what the word "fauna" means, but I do know this: old women think I'm a hoot and old men enjoy my unintimidating wit. If any of this revs your engine, book a spot using the form below.

When you're Hiking with Pete, you're basically renting my legs, keen sense of direction, and affable personality (and it's merely a coincidence we'll be walking in the same direction through a mountainous, rugged, largely remote area of the Superstition Wilderness for a few hours). Hiking with Pete is currently during select weekdays and Saturdays at sunrise. My goal for each outing is at least 3 people and at most about 8. Here's what to expect:

  1. I'll pick a hike based on the group's experience level/astrological sign/music taste and give everyone directions to meet me at the trailhead. Since it's a sunrise hike, we'll be starting when it's dark. Like dark, dark. I'll have headlamps and flashlights and extra water and coffee and some top-drawer trail snacks.
  2. I'll send everyone a song to listen to as you drive to the trailhead to try and set the emotional tone for the hike. If you like the song, tell me. If you don't like the song, lie to me.
  3. We'll all meet by the trailhead, start the hike, and let the desert sunrise remind us that life is kinda weird but also kinda cool. I have a polaroid camera so I can take a dope polaroid photo of you (and a sensible number of Instagram photos if you want). Then we'll head back, go our separate ways, and you'll turn to the group and say, "That was fun. I'm really glad we did that. He was kinda weird, though."
  4. Also we'll be done pretty early since I gotta get to work by 9.
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Hikes are $50/person but I can be bartered with.


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